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KinkEd Singapore was founded in 2017 to fill a need within the local community for an accessible, safe and conducive space where kinksters new and old are welcomed to learn and interact with each other. We run mainly 101 classes, covering the common kinks which are popular locally, such as Rope, but also basic safety classes covering a wide range of topics.

Our group of moderators are a bunch of passionate, like-minded individuals who decided over a beer one evening to give back to our community. We contribute our time, space, knowledge and effort all without expectation of monetary compensation, so as to keep our classes as affordable as possible, usually free, so kinksters have one less barrier to acquiring knowledge and skills. You can usually find at least one of us at the U35 munch, or the Sunday M.A.S.S munch. Come say Hi, we promise not to bite!

As one of our core driving goals is to maintain a safe learning environment, we do have a vetting policy in place. Attendance of our classes will require attendees to be vetted, and vouched for by at least one of our moderators. This is to ensure everyone is on the same page regarding privacy and safety issues, which some newer kinksters may not be familiar with. Drop any of us a note, if you have any queries!

KinkEd Singapore is run by Ian-zy, KittyLynette, LolitaL and -phoenx

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