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About MORI

Also known as -phoenx

Intrigued by Shibari’s beauty and intricate ties, MORI’s first venture into rope bondage began in 2012. Since then, MORI has been studying about rope bondage as well as other forms of BDSM in depth.

Beyond ropes, MORI is locally known for his dexterity and aptitude for crafting. This exceptional skill translates in the multiple materials he works with such as leather, rubber and even wood. This has resulted in an array of exquisitely handcrafted toys ranging from; hoods to braided whips and even sturdy spanking benches.

As a self-professed rope and impact-holic, MORI’s thirst for knowledge may never be quenched. With his growing wealth of information, MORI constantly innovates to better his methods in every medium. It is only after years of experimentation that MORI is proud to present the first locally-owned rope and impact online store in Singapore.

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