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Volume - 100 ml

Inside - 100% Beeswax and Mineral Oil with a hint of White Musk

MORI Wax - Spa Treatment for Rope

  • After months of experimentation, MORI has perfected the MORI WAX. A blend of 100% beeswax and mineral oil, it is the additional care and TLC that your ropes crave, keeping them in peak condition.

    Most people treat their ropes with rope wax to improve its feel and handling and tends to minimise shedding and creates a lovely sheen on the rope

    Instructions: Apply MORI WAX to a cloth or hands. Simply run over your ropes slowly, starting with light pressure whilst increasing your grip as you run the wax along the length of the rope. Apply more wax if required and start again until wax is evenly distribution on the rope. It is recommended to leave the ropes for a day or two to allow the MORI WAX to seep into the ropes.

Latex Care

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