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Perfect shine always and everywhere. For example, at parties after taking off your coat, at shootings and outdoor. Rekindle the shine with a wipe.


VIVISHINE fresh up is unique and exclusively available from us. The idea was born out of practice. High-gloss polished latex tends to attract lint or become a little dull when sitting or when under a coat. The personal and smallest polishing station in the world is responsible for the remedy: VIVISHINE fresh up optimizes the latex shine in a wipe.


A packet contains ten airtight wrapped single wipes, which are soaked in VIVISHINE and ready for use with a handle. The ideal and practical perk for parties, shootings or outdoor. The soaked cloth in the single pack does not dry off and does not produce any spray mist.


  • Ingredients: Polidimethylsiloxan, pectins, Sontara cloth

    Weightage: 7ml

  • Simply tear open the single pack at the top end, remove the soaked cloth and unfold it. Directly wipe over the spots to be polished without applying pressure. The cloth picks up any existing lint and wets the latex surface with a fine film, producing a beautiful shine.


    A VIVISHINE fresh up cloth is generally sufficient for two persons or multiple applications during the course of an event. To do this, simply fold the cloth back together and put it back into the open pack. Its sagging ability prevents liquid from leaking.

Latex Care

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