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Putting on latex and rubber clothing without hassle with caring properties for latex and rubber. It increases the brilliance of transparent latex while remaining solvent-free and odorless.


VIVIDRESS is the ideal dressing aid for all kinds of latex and rubber clothing, and notably with tight clothing, where it can become very difficult to slip in even with prior maintenance with VIVISHINE. In the case of Catsuits (especially the zipper-less neck entry Catsuits), you can’t get in unaided, and much less out of it.


VIVIDRESS is therefore particularly fluid and allows the latex to glide over the skin playfully. By lightly pressing the oval shaped bottle, it can be dispensed easily and applied directly to the inside of the latex or the skin. It moisturizes the skin under the latex and makes sure that the clothing glides against the skin, and doesn’t stick thus preventing partial tensions or unnecessary stretching that can lead to tears in the suit. The latex can also be easily taken off after many hours without tearing.


  • Ingredients: Dimethylsiloxane, pectin, nitrogen

    Weightage: 250ml

  • It’s simple as this: Apply VIVIDRESS directly from the bottle with the dosing head pointing to the inside of your latex or rubber clothing and distribute a little by slightly rubbing the latex layers against each other.


    Where the latex suit feels particularly tight, VIVIDRESS can be applied straight to the skin and distributed like a cream by hand.


    Now simply as usual, just slip into the suit and feel how pleasantly easy that goes.

Latex Care

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